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qdex makes it easy to build custom mobile applications for iOS and Android. With our simple-to-use creation tool, you can go from a blank slate to a fully-functioning native mobile application in minutes. No development experience required.


the qdex workflow


Create your own content using a mix of XML and Lua Script in our authoring environment, qdex Create.


Publish your content to iOS and Android simultaneously with the push of a button. Your content is automatically optimized for every device.


Share your content with your students, who can interact with it immediately in our app player, qdex Play.


More than just elearning

qdex isn't just mobile friendly, it's mobile powered. We've designed qdex exclusively for mobile devices to let you harness the full extent of their computational power, allowing you to deliver content in a more engaging way than ever before.


Simulations with substance

Go beyond flash animations and pseudo simulations. With advanced mathematical solvers, communication streams, and hardware-accelerated graphics, qdex is a step above traditional eLearning platforms.


Hardware without the headache 

Remotely control any hardware with the tap of a button. Send commands, receive data, display the response. Our real-time communications tools make feedback control applications accessible. 



Enhance your Content

qdex makes it easy to create the apps that you need. With our authoring tool and dynamic approach to content creation, even the most inexperienced creators can develop feature-rich modules in a matter of minutes.


Do more in less time

qdex utilizes a robust scripting language called Lua to introduce customizability into applications. Lua supports most of the popular programming paradigms, allowing you to create large-scale cross-platform applications without hours of development time.


Say goodbye to slides

Dynamically alter lessons to suit your student's pace or skill level, jump between concepts with ease, and show/hide content based on user feedback. qdex gives you the flexibility to create content that moves the way you want it to.


The most powerful and customizable eLearning platform... period


i s   a l w a y s



s t a r t s   a t


per student, per month



Mathematical solver and expression evaluator providing real-time technical simulations


Text elements include standard formatting and LaTeX equations


Local or remotely stored images and animated GIFs


Local or remotely stored videos including YouTube, and support for keyframing


Easy bidirectional real-time communication with external hardware via TCP/UDP protocols


Interactive elements including buttons, sliders, radio buttons, and text input fields


Web pages embedded directly into the page


Internal inter-document links and external web links to relevant content


Direct access to on-board cross-platform mobile device sensors, including accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and GPS


Tools for local and remote evaluation


Hardware-accelerated Cartesian plots


Custom gestures to interact with animations and data in intuitive ways

Our Partners



Within a month it become apparent to us how versatile the qdex platform is... both post-secondary and high-school sectors indicate that the students are extremely happy and engaged with this platform and it is indeed a great tool for their active learning experience.

- Dr. Sushanta Mitra, P.Eng.
Executive Director, Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology



I assigned a civil undergraduate student who didn’t have much prior experience in programming to work on our mobile apps. In only a few weeks, he was able to come up with professional looking apps with the capacity to remotely control the lab equipment... I am very happy with the smooth learning curve of the platform.

— Dr. Zhaoshuo Jiang, P.E., LEED AP
Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University



[qdex] is particularly unique because it allows educational institutions to develop its own apps according to local language and own preferences, in terms of concepts to be covered and didactic approach.

— Uriel R. Cukierman, P.E., M.Sc., Ing.PaeD.IGIP h.c. 
Director, Centro de Investigación e Innovación Educativa


Learn how San Francisco State University is using qdex to implement a remote shake table laboratory in their Civil Engineering programme.



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