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Quanser has a 25+ year history of innovation in education and training for advanced engineering and scientific concepts. They are the innovation leaders in delivering state of the art interactive solutions and are uniquely experienced in dealing with the complexities of the engineering world. They are a company of engineers with a passion for training and education.

qdex is a product of extensive R&D building on a core technology portfolio of essential building blocks for manipulating and managing complex engineering data, models, and connectivity.

qdex began as Codex, a mobile curriculum project

qdex began as Codex, a mobile curriculum project

qdex by Quanser

In 2012 a group of Quanser engineers set out to find a way to enrich our curriculum using the power of mobile devices. Over the years, the team developed a collection of Android apps which provided increasingly accessible and interactive learning experiences. Eventually, we realized that what was needed was a platform where anyone could create these sorts of experiences...and qdex was born. Well, Codex was born, which later became qdex due to trademark conflicts.

We believe that learning experiences should be interactive, intuitive, and (frankly) engaging. The qdex platform aims to empower educators to create innovative content for their students quickly and easily. We have a commitment to leverage modern technology and pedagogical theories to give educators tools to better prepare their students for the modern world. qdex continues to grow and evolve in response to user feedback and trends in pedagogical theory. We'd love to hear about your experiences.