QUARC™ Communication Demo

This demonstration uses Quanser’s QUARC™ software to send and receive data from qdex. Quanser’s QUARC™ software adds powerful tools and capabilities to Simulink® that make the development and deployment of sophisticated real-time mechatronics and control applications easier. QUARC™ generates real-time code directly from Simulink-designed controllers and runs it in real-time on the Windows target – all without digital signal processing or without writing a single line of code.

Before you run the demonstration, download the QUARC™ model using the button below. You must have Matlab R2016a or later, Simulink, and QUARC™.

Alternatively, you can make your own model using a QUARC™ Stream Server block. The block should be sending 3 values and receiving 4. Ensure that your model is configured to run at a sample time of 0.01s.

To run the demonstration in qdex:

  1. Open the Connect to QUARC Demo module in qdex Play.

  2. Enter in the TCP/IP address of the computer running the QUARC model. The port number should be 18000

  3. Press the Connect button.