With the qdex Creator license, you can develop full-featured modules for personal use. 


How does a Creator licence work?

Everyone that signs up for a qdex account is given a Creator licence. The Creator licence gives you the ability to develop qdex modules using the full suite of features available. These modules can be viewed and interacted with on your personal mobile device.

qdex Creators do not have the ability to distribute their modules. Users that wish to share their content with other users must sign up for a Publisher licence


How do I develop modules?

Modules are created in Visual Studio using the qdex Create plugin. The content is written using a powerful XML-based markup language and scripting extension, allowing you to develop event driven content and dynamic interactions in minutes. These modules are published to the cloud and immediately available to view in the qdex Play app, available for iOS and Android.

The support page has more information on qdex development, and includes a Getting Started Workshop, full-code Knowledge Base, and a forum for questions and discussion. 


How do I get started?

Follow the installation guide to register for an account and download the necessary development tools.