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Error List

Getting an error in on publish? This is a list of common errors and how to fix them

Publish Errors

Errors in the output window of Visual Studio when publishing

Meta Data

The creator is only _ characters. The creator must be at least one character.
The creator is the author of the document and it is located in the meta data at the top of the document.xml file. 

The abstract is _ characters. The abstract must be at least 100 characters and no more than 500 characters.    
The abstract is located in the meta data at the top of the document.xml file. It should be between 100-500 characters.


An input cannot be connected to a _, because it is a source only.    
Trying to connect an input signal to a signal generator (e.g. sine system)

The derivative vector dimensions do not match. A vector of length _ was expected but the actual signal is length _.
Error message issued when the state derivative dimensions do not match. This message is typically produced when a custom system's onDerivatives script returns a state derivative vector of the wrong dimensions.

The length of the numerator exceeds the denominator. An improper transfer function was specified.    
The length of the denominator must be equal or greater than the length of the numerator. 


The _ element is not allowed in this context.
An element is being placed in an area where it isn't allowed. E.g. elements not on pages (i.e. outside of top-level sections), simulation elements placed outside of simulations, etc.

The _ element is missing. The _ element is required.
The specified element is required to publish. E.g. a title is missing from a section

The name, _, is not in the proper format for a document element. Names consist of a letter or underscore followed by any number of letters, digits or underscores.
One of the elements names is invalid. Ensure that there are no spaces or illegal characters.

The _ element should be self-closing. It is not allowed to have any content.    
If an element is not allowed to contain content (text, additional elements, events, etc), it needs to be self-closing. Self closing elements open and close inside of a single tag.
<br/> is self-closing
<p></p> is not self-closing

The value, _, is not valid color value. Use a color name or the red, green, blue and optional alpha components as space-separated numbers from 0 to 255.
A foreground or background color element has an invalid value. Valid values include camel-case version of the X11 color names (e.g. "oliveDrab") or RGB/RGBA components (e.g. "120 50 83").

Wrong number of table widths. Table contains _ columns, but _ widths specified.
The number of columns in a table does not match the number of column widths specified in the table element.

An ancestor is a header or footer. Headers and footers cannot be nested.
Headers and footers cannot be inside of each other.

The minimum value, _, exceeds the maximum value, _.
A  plot axis has invalid minimum and maximum values (the maximum must exceed the minimum).

A column index is not a number. Column indices must be numeric.
Error message issued by matrix when a Lua Table is passed to initialize a matrix and the key for the table used for a row is not a numeric value (specifically a double).