Public App Policy

qdex was created to help facilitate the creation and distribution of interactive content and learning experiences. As such, a set of policies have been put in place to ensure a positive experience for all qdex users. Content published using the qdex platform is also subject to the policies outlined on the App Store and on Google Play. Content that does not comply with the policies outlined here, and in the policies listed above will be immediately removed from the public repository without notice.

Generally, apps should only be publicly accessible when they are complete, reviewed, tested, and ready for distribution. Apps that are still under development should never be publicly accessible.


  • An introduction should be provided to the material to introduce the topic to users that are unfamiliar with the material

  • Proper error checking and UX validation should be performed including:

    • There should be no broken scripts or scripts that produce an error message

    • Dependent scripts or scripts that must be performed in a particular sequence should be caught and display a warning message if invalid (e.g. “Press the ‘Generate Target’ button before starting the simulation”)

    • “Toast” notifications should be used in moderation to avoid continuous messaging

    • Image inspection should be disabled on images that do not require inspection

  • Images must be sourced and attributed, or be without license terms or copyright

  • Interactions (simulations, etc) should include instructions or background information, such that someone unfamiliar with the content can interact appropriately


  • Titles

    • Should contain information about the type and depth of content (e.g. “Heat Flow Simulation” or “Introduction to Heat Flow” instead of “Heat”)

    • Use as few words as possible (less than 6 words is preferable)

    • Must be written in title case

  • Cover images

    • Should be institution, course, or topic appropriate

    • Must be attributed or be without copyright

  • Author field should include name of institution or course


  • Apps should adhere to the design guidelines outlined in the Knowledge Base