With the qdex Publisher licence, you can develop and distribute modules to your class, colleagues, or your hired developers.


How does a Publisher licence work?

qdex Publishers are users who have decided to share their content by purchasing a session. A session is a collection of seats that you can use for your students, developers, or whomever. Once a user has been assigned to a seat in your session they have access to your content through your groups. 

In addition to sessions and groups, qdex Publishers have access to

Statistics. Statistics gives you in-depth insight into how your modules are performing and how people are interacting with your content.

Collaboration. Module collaboration gives other users permission to overwrite and edit your modules.

User Creation. Assigning a user to a session seat creates an account for that user in the system, reducing onboarding time. 


How much does a Session cost?

The cost of a session depends on the number of users you would like to share content with, and how many months you would like to share that content.  

Estimated Cost (CAD)   =   $1 per seat   ×    # of seats   ×    # of months

Sessions can be purchased for a period 1 - 12 months, and may be purchased in advance up to one year. Sessions are billed one-time before the session starts.


Can I try it out first?

Interested qdex users can become a Publisher without committing to purchasing a session by starting a free Publisher trial. When you start your free Publisher trial you will receive:

  • One 4-month session with 10 seats for sharing and collaborating
  • Access to Groups, Sessions, and Statistics

Read the How do I get started? section below to learn how to sign up for your free Publisher trial.


How do I get started?

If you haven't signed up for a free Creator account, first follow the steps in our installation guide to get set up.

Once you have a Creator account, log in to qdex Manage and navigate to the Modules tab to start your free Publisher trial. Starting your trial unlocks all Publisher benefits, including the ability to purchase sessions.