You've read through some of the literature and have a pretty good idea of how qdex could be implemented in your institution... but you probably have a few questions. This page will guide you through the ins-and-outs of bringing qdex to your students.


What Do I Need?

The right tools.


Developers will need computers equipped with Visual Studio Professional 2015 or later to create content. Content is developed using Visual Studio and our plugin, qdex Create.

Mobile Devices

The development team will need an array of mobile devices of varying types and sizes for development and testing. We recommend using both phones and tablets, and varying the device types between iOS and Android.

The right people. 

Depending on the scale of the implementation and the number of courses that will be utilizing qdex, you will need a team to create, organize, and manage qdex content. This team usually consists of:


This person is typically in charge of determining what content needs to be created, acts as a liaison between the developers, stakeholders, and the qdex team, and keeps tabs on the progress of the project. 


The development team are the ones that develop the content based on the Manager's specifications, perform testing, and determine the best way to organize and layout the content. Developers are often undergraduate or graduate students.

The ideal qdex developer has...

…an interest in coding or scripting. Experience is an asset, but beginners will find the environment an easy introduction into the world of programming.

…experience in UX/UI design. It is important to lay out content in a way that is logical and easy to understand.

…an interest in education. Knowing how to break down concepts and explain tough ideas is a crucial part of the development process.

Where Can I Use qdex?

This is the most common question that we hear. The qdex framework was designed to be open and flexible, allowing the developer to add unique and interactive experiences to almost any academic scenario. Because of this, it can quickly become overwhelming to determine where qdex fits best in your program. Here are some of the ways that you can use qdex to transform your institution.


In Lecture


Flipped Classroom

Lecture replacement modules cover the material that is commonly presented in lectures. This can include interactions, multimedia, reference material, and questions.

Gauge Understanding

Questions that check student's understanding are an integral part of several types of qdex modules including feedback systems, pre- and post-lecture modules, exam prep, etc. 


Modules created using qdex can be used to demonstrate concepts live in a lecture using simulations and hardware.

At Home


Personalized Study Guides

qdex gives you the flexibility to create study guides for your students that can dynamically change the depth and volume of review material dynamically depending on their level of comprehension.

Companion Apps

You can create qdex modules that students use before class to introduce the core concepts, or as case studies to reinforce the integration of curriculum concepts, and add real-world context.

In Lab


Mobile-Controlled Hardware

qdex can be used to connect and control hardware solutions, allowing students to focus on the subject at hand while removing the need to teach then how to use complicated third-party programs. 

Game Simulations

Using qdex to create games is a fun way to motivate students to delve deeper into theoretical concepts. These interactions can be created both as stand-alone modules, or as a part of a larger curriculum modules.


How Much Will It Cost?


The qdex Creator license allows anyone - students, TAs, professors - to develop qdex modules for personal use, for free. Creators have access to the full suite of qdex features, and can consume modules on their personal devices without restrictions or commitments. 


The qdex Publisher license allows Creators to share and distribute their content. Publishers specify the number of seats needed for their session, and are charged on a per student, per month basis. 


Help Me Get Started

Let's start your qdex journey. Contact us at and we can help contemporize learning at your institution.


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