The following example shows how to change the size of text inline using the size scale tag. This tag changes the size of text relative to its default size, so applying a large style to a paragraph will be different than applying it to a section title.

    Regular title <size scale="large"> Larger title </size> <size scale="small"> Smaller title </size>

    Regular paragraph <size scale="large"> Larger paragraph </size> <size scale="small"> Smaller paragraph </size>

Sizing text.PNG

If you are using an XML editor with Intellisense you may notice that there is a size points tag, which also alters the size of text. The size points tag uses an absolute text size value, so the font is the same size regardless of the device that you are using or where it is applied. This might result in a document that looks good on a tablet but over sized on a phone. It is reccommended to only use the size scale tag when altering text size.